In Spain, the development standard covers much more than in the rest of Europe.

New properties in Spain are very popular among buyers.

The closer to the date of putting the investment into use, the more often only a few apartments are left to choose.

Often, although work has just begun, up to 50% of the investment is sold.

This is logical, because the earlier the construction stage, the greater the choice of real estate: you can choose the most attractive location, the prettiest view and the best layout.

At a cost of a new apartment or house, we receive a lot more in Spain than in Europe, why?

Development standard in Europe = turnkey property in Spain

In Spain, a flat or house in a developer standard is delivered on a turnkey basis: finished, practically ready for immediate residence.

We get a completely finished property: from ceramic tiles on the floors, through wardrobes in the hallway and bedrooms, to the kitchen and bathroom fully equipped with furniture and equipment. You only need to buy furniture and a TV. And a bottle of Spanish wine, if you would like to have a dinner on the terrace straight after picking up the keys;)

The advantages of this solution? stress connected  with renovation goes away; we also save a lot of time. We do not need to watch anything or incur additional costs, which are an indispensable part of repairs.

Another plus is that Spain is famous for its beautiful finishing materials. Spanish tiles and marbles are valued all over the world. The majority of clients building houses in Poland, Germany or Belgium brought tiles and beautiful stones from Spain.. Here they come as standard:)

In addition, when buying a flat or house under construction, you can personalize your investment. Depending on the developer, one can choose the colors of fronts and countertops, so that the house is exactly what you dreamed of. Our company cooperates only with proven developers who have appropriate bank guarantees for their investments.

At every stage of the project we are in Spain at your disposal on the way to your dream place under the Spanish sun.